Corporate Learning, Coaching & Change Management Projects in India

Our key focus is to unleash the potential of the organization by tapping into the latent energy of the employees. Our solutions are based on neuro scientific research, emotional intelligence, coaching and mindfulness. Our solutions are effective across the spectrum of attitude, behavior, relationships and performance, in a measurable way.

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What we do

Key differentiators

Client centered approach
Complete customization
Measurability of results
Integrated coaching approach
Offerings based on experiential learning
Addressing multiple senses
Solutions based on neuro scientific research,
emotional intelligence, coaching and mindfulness

Our services.

Coaching Practice

Executive Coaching
Business Coaching
LIfe Coaching (Personnel Coaching)

Solutions for the Corporate Clients

Art of Conversations
Leader as Coach

Solutions for Family Owned Businesses

Transition Management

Financial Literacy Initiatives

Investor Education Programs
Customized Initiatives

Our Works

United Minds offers training services covering a wide range of compliance and business improvement issues: Business Problems, workers and management problem, Process safety, Occupational hygiene and safety at work, Environment and more.

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Team Members

Happy Clients

We don’t perform at our full potential, but we perform at our belief levels. Hence, we help raising the belief levels.

Our Beliefs

We are transformed when our client transforms.
We are moved when our client moves closer to his/her goals.
We draw our life energy from seeing clients perform and live better.
We at United Minds, live with a purpose : let’s create new possibilities.

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