We are United Minds.

Let’s create new possibilities

Who We are

Founded in 2011 with a purpose : Let’s create new possibilities. We have marinated this purpose in everything that we do. It is natural to feel pressured but unless the ‘shift’ happens from problems to possibilities, the solutions doesn’t arise. We come in when this ‘shift’ needs to happen. not easy every time, so our being with you, shift becomes possible, in least painful manner and ahead of time

The Way We Work

Every offering of ours, workshops to coaching to consulting, carries this thread. Our belief in human potential has only strengthened that ‘orbit change’ is possible, let’s do it!

What They Speak 

Many of participants right from the base of the pyramid to C-suite have come back to us and told us, why we didn’t meet earlier? I would have been in much better stage ! These kind of words only makes us more humble and increase the stakes for us.
We can be your ‘ invisible dance partner’ to take your business or self to the next level of ‘desired change’ in attitudinal, behavioural, relationships and performance of course in a measurable way!

Ujjaval Buch


About Director

Ujjaval K. Buch is the director at United Minds. He is a certified coach and has keen interest in bridging the gap between ‘performance’ and ‘potential’ for his clients, in a measurable way. He keeps investing his energy in preparing the clients to take that ‘leap of faith’ so as to bring positive change in mindset. He believes that for anything to change, mindset has to change first.

Ujjaval has a privilege to deal with shop floor level plant operators and with C-level executives at the same time. He can modulate his delivery and enable efficacy with equal ease for any level. In other words, he is hierarchy neutral.
As an avid reader, he recommends these authors and humbly acknowledges their influence on what he is today.

– Dr. Viktor E Frankel
– Dr. David Rock
– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

– Timothy Gallwey
– Prof. John Kotter
– Sir John Whitmore

– Anthony Robbins
– Daniel Goleman
– Dalai Lama

How we work.

1 We are executive coaches, business coaches, life coaches and transformational project specialists.

2 We draw our life energy from seeing clients perform and live better.

3 We are moved when our client moves closer to his/her goals. We are transformed when our client transforms.

Difference We Bring On the Table

Solutions based on neuro scientific know how
Client centered approach
Complete customization
Measurability of results
Offerings based on experiential learning and addressing multiple senses
Integrated coaching approach