#CareKarona During COVID-19 Times and Beyond

Everyone around us is facing unprecedented crisis with unpredictable future. Even the experts are not able to predict the exact impact on people, economy, society, nations, and the world at large.

The World Bank has at macro level, predicted 1930 like global economic recession however if we see around us at micro level, 3 type of recessions are visible.

  1. Social Recession: As humans, we feel safe in tribe. We have a need to belong. We need social connections as our brains have evolved that way but, we are suppose to maintain social distancing, stay in lockdowns, etc is triggering social recession.
  2. Emotional Recession: Many people around us are experiencing disturbing emotions and feel worried, anxious and uncertainty about the future. In other words, many people are losing hope.
  3. Mental Recession:  Tens of thousands of people with or without formal work are likely to feel suffocated and helpless. Their mental muscles without meaningful engagement and earning opportunity are likely to trigger mental health issues like depression and chronic stress.

What People Need in Such Situation?

Such people might want to connect with someone and talk to fulfill their:

  • Need to be heard
  • Need to feel safe
  • Need to rekindle their hope
  • Need to take some optimistic actions

How can We Fulfill through CARE:

We can help create CAREKARTAs – common people who have no background in psychology or other helping professions are trained to hold the psychologically safe space and converse with someone with social, emotional or mental recession using CARE model.

Connect: Patiently listen to them and continuously giving them a feeling that you’re with them.
Appreciate: Recognize their feelings and appreciate what they must have done so far.
Realize: Help them realize learnings that the situation is offering.
Exercise: Help them exercise their power to take actions to move forward.


Just help someone to “Shift” from “Scare” to “Care”. Navigate someone from mental darkness to light.
How we go about it?
  • An orientation session
  • Internal practice sessions and evaluation
  • Certification after assessment
  • Continuous peer learning opportunities
  • Upskilling opportunities from time to time
How we can partner:
  • We can train, assess and certify your nominated members!
  • Find out more by registering on the form below.

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