textile- industry

Background : One of the leading business families in textile was undergoing stress because of the different views held by old age and new age family members with reference to the future of their business.

Father wanted son to take over the business where as son was not ready to take charge as he felt that let’s sell this ‘old economy’ business and settle overseas. Father had enriched this business with his blood and sweat and had great emotional connect with business as well as concern for the people working there with him. Son’s denial to take over has led to emotional trauma in the family and affected health of father as well.

SolutionWe were hired to coach, decided to coach father and son both for about 10 sessions over 3 months, resulted in bridging the perspectives and valuing each other’s views. Needless to say, family owned business was not only saved but thrived as well. Father adjusted to handover the day to day management to a professional and son supervised without engaging in day to day affairs.
Power of questions, empathy and non judgmental belief in potential to find solution led to beautiful outcome.